DUTY LIST                       W. E. F. 01 APRIL 2017







Sign of teachers





Alumni Association

1.       Mr. Vinayak Soni (I/C)

2.       Mr. S.B Kumar

1. To keep a record of ex-students in terms of their current career and position and also upload the necessary information in in the Vidyalaya Website in the achievement portal.

2. To organize Alumnimeetin a befitting manner by inviting all ex-students once in a year.

3. To prepare the report of Alumni meet along with photographs.

4. To be in the contact of ex-student.








Student Council


1.       Mr. Praveen Singh (I/C)

2.       Mr. Inderjeet Singh

3.       Mr. Vinod Kumar

4.       Mr. Kuldeep Pandey

5.       Mr. Ashwani Chaturvedi

1. To select council members worthy of taking charge of the discipline of the Vidyalaya.

2. To select members as per instruction of KVS.

3. Selection to be done on the basis of filing of nomination and interview thereof.

4. Formation of Student Council to be completed by July 2014 (after admission in CI XI).

5. Badge Ceremony to be conducted in a be-fitting manner.

6. Report and photographs to be submitted to the Principal and a copy to be sent to the RO Guwahati.

7. Meeting of the Council to be taken from time to time by the Council Committee.

8. Register and Record of Student Council meeting to be maintained, duly signed by the Principal.

9. The School Captains (Boys & Girls) to be given blazers from the Vidyalaya (Rs 999).





Gardening & Beatification

1.       Miss. Syeda Nasreen (I/C)

2.       Mr. D.W Bhutia.

3.       Mr. Gatook Bhutia .

1. To see to the planting and growing of seasonal flowers.

2. To maintain the Vidyalaya premises keeping in view “CLEAN & GREEN” KV Bagdogra.

3. Time to time trimming of plants to be done.

4. To organization Van Mahotsav in a be-fitting manner.





Maintenance & Repairing

1.       Mr. Gaurav  Jain , TGT (WE). I/C

2.       Mr. Ajay Kumar, Art

3.       Mrs. Mili Laber PET

4.       All Class Trs.

5.       Mrs  Aarti Pathak , PRT



1. To identify the areas to be repaired.

2. To get the requisition from all the deptt. Holders and class teachers regarding repair.

3. To ensure that the students and all staff members utilize the available resources carefully.

4. To be in regular contact with MES and other departments.

5. To vigilantly monitor all M & R Works.



First Aid

1.       Miss Choden Bhutia, Nurse. I/C

2.       Miss. Syeda Nasreen , PGT(Bio)

3.       Mr. Rabinder Singh , TGT(Sc)

4.       Mrs. Aarti Pathak , PRT

5.       All Class Teachers

1. To ensure the availability of the concerned items (First Aid Box).

2. To provide first aid during all concerned excursions/tours.

3.To equip oneself and students with knowledge of first aid so that students are prepared to face any causality.



Scout & Guide, Cub, Bulbul

Scout & Guide

1.       Mr. N.M Shilal, I/C

2.       Mrs. N.Shukla,PRT

3.       Mrs. Mili Laber, PET

4.       Mr. Arvind,TGT(Maths)

5.       Mr. Praveen Singh,TGT(Eng)


6.       Mr. Vinod Kumar, PGT(Comm)


7.       Mr. Ajay Singh, TGT(Hin)


8.       Mr. Ajay Kumar, Art


Cubs & Bulbul

1.       Mr. D.W Bhutia, PRT,I/C

2.       Mr. Brajesh Saurabh, PRT

3.       Mr. Govind Kumar,PRT

4.       Mr. Suraj Kumar, PRT


1. To 8nrol capable and interested students.

2. To plan and organize the Scout &Guide programmes as per KVS planner.

3. To prepare students for the Vidyalaya as well Scout Programmes.,

4. To be in touch with District/State/National/World/KV State Scout & Guide Organization.

5. To upload Scout & Guide activities in the Vidyalaya website.

6. To maintain report along with photographs.



Recess Duty


     As per schedule


1. To be vigilant at every corner of the Vidyalaya during recess hours to avoid any mishap.

2. To report immediately to the Principal whenever any mishap takes place.

3. Counselling of students with regard to discipline.



Class Display Board

1.       Mr. Praveen Singh, TGT(Eng.), I/C

2.       Mr. Ajay Kumar, TGT(Arts)


1. To update the Activity based information in the display board.

2. The latest information with regard to time-table, notice, duty charts, inventory chart, consolidated bio-date of students etc.

3. To keep a fixed team of volunteers ready for morning assembly and other Vidyalaya functions.




1.       1. Mr. Gaurav Jain , TGT (WE), I/C

2.       Mr. Ajay Kumar, Art teacher

3.       Mr. Brajesh Saurabh , PRT


1. To prepare the list of furniture required in the classrooms/other deptts from time to time.

2. To ensure that the seating arrangement is proper and convenient according to their heights and teaching learning process.

3. To intimate the Principal about the requirements and contact the carpenter from time to time.




Staff Meeting Minutes

1.       Mr. Ajay Singh , TGT(Hindi)

2.       Mr. Moizurr Rehman Khan, PGT(Eng)

1. To prepare the minutes of all meetings (staff/committee) in details.

2. To convey to all staff members about all matters discussed in the meetings.



Salary Verification

1.       Mr. Vinayak Soni  PGT(CS), I/C

2.       Mr. Vinod Kumar,PGT(Comm)

3.       Mr. Inderjeet  Singh , PGT(Maths)

4.       Mr. D.R. Sarmah, UDC


1. To verify the staff salary as per revised pay band, deductions (PF/GPF/IT/LOAN/Half Pay Leave/LWP etc. and other allowances very carefully and timely as per Income Tax manual and Swamy’s Handbook 2011 before uploading in the Union Bank portal.

2. To get counter signature from Principal before uploading.

3. Contractual Salary must be as per the KVS rule.

4. To circulate the office orders from time to time regarding pay.



PTA Meeting

1.       Mr. A. Chaturvedi PGT(Physics), I/C

2.       All Class Teachers

1. To fix schedule for PTA Meetings as per KVS planner and inform the class teachers well in time.

2. To prepare the agenda to be discussed with parents.

3. To prepare minutes.



Website updating

1.       Mr. V. Soni PGT (Comp. Sc.), I/C

2.       Mr. S.B Kumar, Librarian, (Enrolment)

3.       Miss Alka Kandwal, Computer Instructor

1.  To update the website every fortnight.

2. To make entry of every details. (photographs) regularly.

3. To update enrolment position every month.

4. To make entry of CMP details regularly.



Purchase Committee

1.       Mr. Kuldeep Pandey,PGT(Chem)

2.       Mr. J.R Meena, PGT(Hindi)

3.       Mr. M.Khan,PGT(Eng)

1. To contribute in purchase process as per tenders and quotations.

2. To follows the instructions of vmc/vpac.

3. To ensure the quality and lowest Rates of supply of items purchased from different firms and put signature on the bill after physical verification of items.

4. To ensure that the items are entered in the stock registers by the concerned stock holders.




1.       Mr. A.Chaturvedi , PGT(Phy)

2.       Mr. S.B Kumar, Librarian



1. To keep the knowledge of RTE as per declaration of Gazette of India.

2. To provide the opportunity for admission under RTE Act 2010 and as per KVS new admission guidelines.

3. To be vigilant during admission process by the verifying the relevant and required documents, also keeping in mind social justice.




1.             Mr.Ravinder Singh,TGT(Sc)- I/C

2.            Mr. Brajesh Saurabh, PRT

1. To see to the proper photography during all occasions.

2. to develop hard copies and display them accordingly.

3. To download photographs and tag them as per occasion.

4. To select photographs and submit them to the website incharge for website updating.

5. To maintain the cameras and their chargers.

6. Cameras should be available in the morning assembly.



Mathematic Club

1.       Mr.Arvind Kumar,TGT(Maths)

2.       Mr. Inderjeet Singh , PGT(Maths)


To Construct a Mathematics  Lab and organize the Club Activities.



Subject Committee meeting

1.       All Subject Teachers

To organize monthly subject committee meeting with all subject teachers at Library.




1.Mr. Vinayak Soni,PGT(CS),I/C

2.Mr. A.Chaturvedi ,PGT(Phy)

3.Mr. Vinod Kumar,PGT(Comm)

4. Mr. Kuldeep Pandey, PGT(Chem)

5. Mr. D.W Bhutia,PRT

6. Mr. Suraj Sharma, PRT

7. Mr. Govind,PRT

8. Mr. Brajesh Saurabh, PRT



1.       To circulate the split up syllabus among all subject teachers amd to ensure that the coverage of syllabus is update (month wise) or not.

2.       To ensure the availability of text books/ study materials for the students.

3.       Distribution of teacher’s diary/daily teacher’s diaryto the subject teachers time to time.

4.       To ensure the availability of teachers in every class at every period.

5.       To keep the record of academic performance of the students periodically.

6.       To ensure the CAT teaching classes are conducted weekly by each subject teacher and records kept for onward submission to KVS.

7.       To be updated with the latest Educational  information uploaded by NCERT, CBSE, KVS amd other sources.

8.       To conduct the monthly CCE & subject committee meetings in order to empower the teaching learning process and evaluation of performance of the students.




1.Mr. S.B Kumar, Librarian, I/C

2.Mr. Gaurav  Jain, TGT(WE)


1.       To communicate the revised Admission Guidelines to the Parents and Teachers.

2.       To follow thw admission procedure strictly as per KVS rules with a DEMOCRATIC way and proper transparency.

3.       Be vigilant while admitting any student by verifying all required documents as per the category applied for.

4.       To follow the RTE act 2010 in the Admission process.



Time - table

1.Mr. S.B Kumar, Librarian, I/C

2.Mr. Gaurav  Jain, TGT(WE)

3.Mr. Suraj Sharma, PRT

4. Mr. D.W Bhutia, PRT

1. To allot the periods to the PGTs/TGTs/Misc/Contract. Teachers as per the KVS rule with full transparency, consultationof committee members and with prior intimation to the Principal.

2. To communicate the time – table to all teachers & students well in advance.

3. To arrange the periods for the teachers on leave/OD well in advance with proper communication to arrangement teachers.

4. To prepare the time – table for Remedial classes and Special classes for the students of class XII.



Exams (Internal)

1.Mr. N.M Shilal, TGT(S.St),I/C

2. Mrs. Milli Laber ,TGT(PET)


1. To prepare the exam time table for cycle tests (FAs and SAs) under CCE as per the KVS planner 2015-16.

2. Arrangement of the question papers in advance with proper vigilant attitude.

3. To keep all Question papers (Confidential materials) in the safe custody and be vigilant and open the particular packet before at least two teachers for witness.

4. To arrange the seating plan likewise CBSE pattern.

5. To arrange the invigilation duties without any discrepancy.

6. to conduct the internal exam smoothly and to prevent the mal-practice by deputing flying squid.




1.Mr. Inderjeet Singh, PGT(Maths), I/C

2.Miss Alka Kandwal

1. To follow the instructions and guidelines of CBSE strictly.

2. To communicate the latest and relevant information regarding CBSE circulars to the students and teachers to avoid any discrepancy.

3. To complete all important works timely to be sent to CBSE such as Registration of class IX and XI, Examination forms, Teacher’s information for CBSE duty etc.





1.Mr. Praveen Singh ,TGT(Eng),I/C

2.Mr. Moizurr Khan , PGT(Eng)

3.Mr. J.R Meena, PGT(Hindi)

4. Mr. Brajesh Saurabh,PRT

1. To prepare CCA calendar for the current session.

2. To organize the CCA programmmes as per the schedule in the befitting manner and prepare the report timely with photographs for onward submission.

3. To ensure about the maximum participation of students in CCA activities in order to enhance their overall development under CCE/CCA.

4. To organize programmes for the Golden Jubilee Year of KVS rule and circulars.



Morning Assembly

1.Mrs. Mili Laber , PET, I/C

2.Mrs. Sapana Meena (Music)

3. Mr. Kamal Gautam, Yoga

4. Mr. Gaurav Jain , TGT(WE)

5.All Class teachers and House masters.

1. To conduct the morning assembly in a befitting manner  on rotation basis as per the direction of KVS Education Code (Article 92/pg.117)

2. To make a weekly plan in order to distribute the particular duties to the class/house and teachers for Morning Assembly.

3. Moral teaching by the teachers must continue on the rotational basis.




1.Mr.A. Chaturvedi, PGT(Physics.), I/C

2. Mr. M.Khan, PGT(Eng)

3. Mr. Kuldeep Pandey ,PGT(chem)

4.Mr.J.R Meena,PGT(Hindi)

5. Mrs. M. Das , TGT(Eng)

6. Mrs. Mili Laber.TGT(PHE)

7. Mr. Arvind, TGT(Maths)

8. Mr. Govind, PRT

9.Mrs. Arti Pathak,PRT

10. All class teachers



1.       To identify the problematic student and enlist them for further reference in the discipline committee meetings.

2.       To find the various reasons of in disciplinary activities along with thw detail of family background and psychological study in the written form.

3.       To watch the unwanted activities of every student with fully vigilant during school hours and report to principal (if any)

4.       To avoid any type of corporal punishment, scolding, and rough treatment instead of counseling along with parents of the students and committee members.



Disaster Management

1.Mr. Gaurav Jain, TGT(WE), I/C

2.Mr. N.M Shilal, TGT(S.Sc.)

3. Mr. Amosh Lepcha,  PGT(Eco)

4. Mrs. Mili Laber, PET

5. Mr. D.W Bhutia,PRT


1. To identify the sensitive points of mishaps in the vidyalaya and to report immediately to the Principal for necessary action. Eg. Electrical points, snake prone area, damaged area of school building, weak trees etc.

2. To be in contact with the district disaster management committee, MES & fire unit of AFS.

3. To organize mock drill, seminars and workshops for students and teachers.



Excursion/ Adventure Trips

1.Mr. D.W Bhutia,PRT, I/C

2. Mr. Ravinder Singh , TGT(Sci.)



1. To locate safe and interesting areas for tours.

2. To arrange for safe transportation for the trips (preference to be given to govt. bodies)

3. To organize tours as per KVS Planner.

4. To prepare tour reports along with photographs.



Student’s Achievements for different competitions, all external examinations

1.Mr. A. Chaturvedi, PGT(Phy), I/C

2. Mr. Ravinder Singh, TGT(Sc.)

Mr. Harikesh Kumar, TGT(sans)

1.       To organize as per KVS/ Govt./ Semi Govt./ NGOs circulars.





1.       To organize as per KVS Circulars.



Science Club

1.Mr. Kuldeep Pandey, PGT(Chem), I/C

2. Mr. Ravinder Singh, TGT(Sci)

3. All science teachers

1. To organize club activities and prepare report along with photographs.

2. To organize innovative projects and exhibits them, prepare report and photographs and record them.

3. To organize activities and projects with all classes.



Eco/ Environment Club

1. Mr. Ravinder Singh, TGT(Sci)), I/C

2. Mr. Amosh Lepcha, PGT(Eco)

3. Miss. Syeda Nasreen, PGT(Bio)

4. Mr. Suraj Sharma, PRT


1. To organize activities with the concept of GREEN & CLEAN KV Bagdogra.

2. To ensure the mass participation of students (VI to XII).




1. Mr. Ravinder Singh, TGT(Sc),I/C

2. Miss. Choden Bhutia, Nurse

3. Miss Bandana Chettri,Counselor


1. To organize seminars, workshops, lectures.

2. To invite experts.

3. To keep in touch with the local wing of NAEP.

4. To organize competition and awareness programs.



Integrity Club

1.Mr. Vinod Kumar, PGT(Comm), I/C

2.Mr. N.M Shilal, TGT(S.Sc.)

3. . Mr. Amosh Lepcha,  P.G.T(Eco)

4. Mrs. M.Das, TGT(Eng)

1. To create awareness among the students about national integration, brotherhood and civic sense.

2. To organize the club activity and to keep record along with photographs.

3. Upload all the key featurs of activities in the vidyalaya’s website.



Career Guidance/ Counselling

1.Miss. Bandana Chettri,Counselor,I/C

2.Miss Syeda Nasreen, PGT (Bio)

3.Mr. Praveen Singh, TGT(Eng)


1. To remain in contact with the employment exchange and to invite experts to guide the students to choose their career accordingly.

2. To identify the students to select their stream according to their interest, potential and resources,

3. To involve the parents to help their wards to select proper stream.

4. To support the students at vidyalaya level whichever they may require.

5. To help the students to appear various career enhancing exams, i.e., IIT, FITJEE, NTSE, KVPY, SAT&AP and so on.




1.Mr. S.B Kumar, Lib., I/C

2. Mr. M.Khan, PGT(Eng)

3. Mr. J.R Meena,PGT(Hin)

4.Mrs. M.Das, TGT(Eng)

5.Mr. Praveen Singh,TGT(Eng)

6.Mr. Harikesh Kumar, TGT(Sans)

6.Mrs.Arti Pathak ,PRT

7.Mr. Brajesh Saurabh , PRT



1. According to the annual allocation of fund books are to be purchased according to the requirement of the students.

2. To collect requisition of books from various departments and submit the same to the librarian for necessary action.

3. To ensure timely distribution of books and study material to be sent by KVS time to time in all the classes.



Life Skill

1.Miss. Syeda Nasreen,PGT(Bio), I/C

2.Mrs. Mili Laber,PET

3.Mr. Praveen Singh , TGT(Eng)

4. Mr. Ajay Kumar , Art teacher

5. Mr. N.M Shilal ,TGT(S.Sc.)

6. Mrs. Madhushree Das,TGT (Eng)

1. To organize activities for developing proper attitude towards school programs and school-mates.

2. To help develop interpersonal relationship and effective communication skills, critical thinking, creative thinking, empathy and managing emotions.



PA System

1.Mr. Gaurav Jain , TGT(WE)

2.Mr. Bala Sarki ,Lab. Attd

3.Mr. Sapana Meena, Music

1. To maintain the equipment and keep them active well in advance.

2. To keep alternate arrangement reday during electricity failure.

3. To keep a fixed team of volunteers reday for morning assembly and other vidyaalaya functions.




1.Mr.Vinayak Soni    I/C

2. Mr. D.R Sarmah  , UDC

3. Mr. S.B Kumar, Libr.





1.To send Information to the concerned Immediately by the collecting required documents




1.       Mr. Ravinder Singh  TGT (Sc.) I/C

1.       To see the proper Photography during all Occasions.

2.       To develop hard copies and display them  accordingly.

3.       To download photography’s and tag them as per occasion.

4.       To select photographs and submits them to the website in charge for website updating.

5.       To maintain the cameras and their Chargers

6.       Cameras should be available in the morning assembly.



Science Exhibition/ Science Congress

1.Mr.A.Chaturvedi PGT(PHY) I/C

2.Miss Syeda Nasreen, PGT(Bio)

3.Mr.Kuldeep Pandey PGT(Chem.)

4.Mr.Ravinder Singh  TGT (Science)


1. To conduct the Programme as per instruction of KVS.




Youth Parliament

1.Mr.N.M Shilal TGT(S.St.)

2.Mr. J.R Meena, PGT(Hindi)

3.Mr. Praveen Singh, TGT(ENG)

4.Mr.Harikesh Kumar, TGT(Sans)

To conduct the programmes as per instruction of KVS



Maths Club

1. Mr. Inderjeet Singh  PGT (Maths.)

2. Mr. Arvind Kumar, TGT(Maths)

3.Selected students

To construct a Mathematics Lab and organize the Club Activities



Office Assistance

1.Mr. Vinod Kumar I/C

2. Mr. Inderjeet Singh PGT (Maths)

3.TGT Comp. (Instr.)

Salary Verification , Service book

Updating Income Tax ,PIS verification etc.



Subject Committee cum Remedial Classes Convenor

1.       Mr Vinayak Soni  PGT(CS)

2.       Mr. Ashwani Chaturvedi , PGT(Phy)

To organize monthly subject Committee with all subject teachers at library




Raj-Bhasa Committee

1.Mr. J.R Meena PGT(Hindi)

2. Mr. Praveen Singh

3. Mr. Harikesh TGT(Sans)

4. Mr. Ajay Singh (TGT Hindi)


1.       To organize the monthly  meeting in order to promote Raj Bhasa in the school

2.       To promote the correspondence in Hindi

3.       To Develop hindi rajbhasa corner and language club

4.       To encourage the student for Expressing their views in Hindi too




Question Moderation Committee

1.       Mr. N.M Shilal , I/C

2.       Mrs. Mili Laber

1.       To Follow the Instructor of Cluster I/C, KVS,RO. For modification  if any

2.       To Verify the question papers.



House Master

&Associate House Master

A.      Shivaji House

1.       Mr. Moizurr Khan

2.       Mr. Inderjeet Singh

3.       Mr. Ajay Kumar(Art)

4.       Miss Bandana Chettri



B.      Tagore House

1.       Mr.Vinod Kumar

2.       Mr. N.M Shilal

3.       Mr. A Chaturvedi

4.       Mr. Gaurav Jain

5.       Mr.Kamal Gautam

C.      Raman House

1.       Mr. Kuldeep Pandey

2.       Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh(TGT Hindi)

3.       Mr. Arvind Kumar

4.       Mr. Ravinder Singh

D.      Ashoka House

1.       Mr. J.R Meena

2.       Mr. Harikesh Kumar

3.       Mrs. Madhushree Das

4.       Miss Syeda Nasreen




Meeting Arrangement Committee

1.       Mr. Vinayak Soni

2.       Mr. M. Rehman

3.       Mr. J.R Meena.




All teaching staff is hereby instructed to follow the assigned duties strictly mentioned above with an attitude of TEAM WORK and share your experience for the betterment of the Vidyalaya for its overall development.

            Every teacher is also requested to come forward with a Positive attitude to enhance the students so as to make them a resourceful citizen of the country as per the need of Society.