Genesis (Brief History):­Kendriya Vidyalaya Gangtok, one of its kind was established in 1976 in Deorali, Later on, it was shifted to the present location of New Cantonment Area of 17 MTN DIV in the year 1986.

Since its inception it has been setting standards dedicating itself for the cause of nation building through education year after year.

Area of School campus (In acres)     9.54


Ambience: Kendriya Vidyalaya Gangtok is situated 3 KM. away from Deorali takes hardly 10 minutes ride by vehicle via Biralu Dwar. The Vidyalaya campus is nestled among the majestic hills endowed with tall trees, lush green terraced farming below it mellifluously flowing screen stream amongst the vast stretches of valley. The entire landscape with its idyllic setting is a rewarding experience that renews the students to dedicate for the cause of education.


Besides the panoramic grandeur, the school campus accommodated in two blocks for primary sections, one block for secondary, senior secondary classes, well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology Labs with cozy infrastructure presents inspiring environment for effective teaching-learning process.


Aims and Objectives: ­

1) Striving to meet with changing scenario of challenges of information technology, speed, globalization and consumerism.

2) Focus on addressing the development of skills and values apart from the infor­mation assimilation.

3) Induction of "Values" as a part of the curriculum and pedagogy is the prime concern.

4) The quality concerns in a holistic manner and not in piecemeal but by the consistent implementation of quality assurance programmes.

5) "Affordable academic excellence" at par WithPllblic schools setting standards in curriculum transaction technology integration and curriculum evaluation.

6) Judicious confluence of academic excellence skill empowerment for the development of "Cognitive", affective and psychomotor domains."

7) Pursuit of quality is not a destination, but a jol.1l"l1ey, Addressing issues of continuous improvement such as Teacher empowerment, technology interfacing, and infrastructure quality.

8) Imparting "life skills' like Effective communication, appreciating nature, Dignity of labors, learning to live together, enhancing productivity, human approach to society at secondary level. Vidyalaya Management:

The affairs of Vidyalaya are managed as per aims, policies and rules set forth by the Kendriya Yidyalaya Sangathan by the VMC, headed by the Chairman.

Vidyalaya Management: ­

The affairs of Vidyalaya are managed as per aims, policies and rules set forth by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan by the VMC, headed by the Chairman.

Executive Committee: ­

An Executive Committee of VMC has been formed to oversee the day to day functioning of the Vidyalaya. The powers of Executive Committee include adm­inistrative supervision and financial control. The Committee meets often as per the needs and interest of the students.


Affiliation:The Vidyalaya is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi and is recognized by Ministry of HRD, Govt of India.

Academic Profile:

PRIMARY: The thematic approach is followed from

Classes I to V. It focuses on developing competencies and Skills for learning in a joyful environment. The child's achievement is assessed by continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) through grades - Technically Aided Teaching - . Learning in. introduced and encouraged.

Parameters of Secondary, Sr. Secondary Education:

Career oriented curriculum transaction to be groomed as a profession of their choice. Imparting effective learning by several inputs like, reference work in libraries, practical work, project work, visiting websites etc.


Medium of Instruction:

English / Hindi

Academic Session:

01st April to 31st March

Admission Policy:

For seeking admission in K. V. Gangtok, certain priorities are fixed for different categories of children

This is appended below:

a) Children of transferable Central Government employees including ex-service men;

b) Children of non-transferable Central Government employees including ex-service men;

c) Children of transferable and non-transferable employees of autonomous bodies;

d) Children of transferable State Government employees;

e) Children of Non-transferable State Government employees;

f) Children of transferable and non-transferable public sector undertakings / institutes of higher

    Learning of State Government.

g) Children from any other category.

No admission test is conducted for admission to class I. All applications received are categorized into

 Seven categories in the order of priority as laid down above. Each list is then taken up for admission in order of priority to the existing vacancies / no. of seats available.


Laboratories Facility:

The Vidyalaya has fully equipped laboratories in the following subjects:

(1) Physics lab with OHPs

(2) Chemistry Lab with all necessary equipments

(3) Biology Lab with slide projector

(4) Junior Science Lab

(5) Three Computer Labs with LCD, scanners and Internet facilities


Library:A library is the fountain head of knowledge. Vidyalaya Library has bloomed much since its inceptions. It is equipped with open shelves for books of references for ready consultations; Class Libraries are maintained by Primary with a motto "Take A Book to A Reader"

·      Size of library in sq. feet                                                                                       851

·      Number of Periodicals                                                                                       24                                                                                      

·      Number of dailies                                                                                       04

·      Number of reference books classwise                                                                                       279(I to V)

                                                                                             364(VI to VIII)

                                                                                             486(IX to XII)

·      Number of magazines                                                                                       04


Sports and Games:Though playground is restricted / confined due to topographical conditions. Students are offered ample opportunities to train and excel in sports & Games. The Vidyalaya consistently provides opportunities to nurture the talents.

Scout Movement:-Character building activities including community services are the prime concern of well designed activities of the Scouting and Guiding - Cub- Bulbul groups exist for Primary Children.

Computer Education

Kendriya Vidyalaya Gangtok has the distinction of being recognized as 'SMART' School in the cluster. Broadband connection has also been launched to expedite internet accessibility. Informatics Practices is now being taught as option in place of Computer Science. Under think.com project all the students and teachers enrolled their names. Launching of Vidyalaya website is on the anvil.

Technologically Aided Learning (TAL):

A separate Audio-Visual Room (Demonstration Room) is allocated for TAL. To facilitate effective learning OHP, Slide Projector and LCD serve the purpose.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA):

The quality Bandwidth of a school in indicated by the opportunities for creativity in the school environment. Keeping in view that students of entire Vidyalaya are divided into four Houses, under the able guidance of the House Masters and Associates the students are provided with greater opportunities to enhance their creative potential through various activities like music, dance and fine arts, adventure activities (trekking), Green Olympiads, Mathematics Olympiads, House Bulletin decoration, class room decoration competition at school level, are organized under the meticulous guidance of various academic clubs like Math’s Club, Science Club, Nature Club and Literary Clubs etc.

Health and Medical Checkup: Twice in a session, as per KVS norms.