Kendriya Vidyalaya Gangtok marked the humble beginning of a gratifying Odyssey, under the aegis of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, an autonomous body under Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, bearing a vision of sculpting the world of education with undying verve. As time flipped its pages, the Vidyalaya filled its canvas with tireless strife and with each stroke of brush; it grew a step closer to making its own masterpiece.


From being a corner stone in helping students dream, visualize and plan for their future, K.V.Gangtok has indeed been a single candle to light a thousand more and eradicate the darkness of ignorance in this beautiful State of Sikkim. The credentials of the school speak for itself through the success of its students who left their trail on traversed paths and have progressed in every conceivable field.

 The aim of education is to inculcate the feeling of transforming India among the budding stars of nation. The concept of transforming India is very well expressed in these lines..

Discover her..

In the innocence of mischievous children

In the compassion of tireless women

In the energy of resourceful youngsters

In the security of cohesive parents

In the love of forgiving elders

In the fancy of creative artists

In the excellence of scrupulous professionals

In the ingenuity of imaginative students

In the governance of farsighted leaders

In the zeal of passionate players

In the happiness of the striving poor

In the dreams of budding entrepreneurs

In the honesty of determined bureaucrats

In the audacity of expanding industrialists

In the fearlessness of loyal soldiers

In the leadership of visionary teachers

In the diligence of inspired workers

In the faith of prayerful devotees

In the persistence of ardent seekers

In me.


          “Education and learning opens a new door to a world of progress.”

Let’s pledge to strive together for a vibrant and benevolent tomorrow.



Dilbahadur Singh